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"Discover the Uniqueness Of Your Personality - Why You Do What You Do, Think What You Think, Say What You Say and More..."

... And How To Be Aware of Your Blind Spots and Who You Best Interact With and Who Get's Under Your Skin!

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Understand Why You Communicate the Way You Do

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About The Facilitator - Dean Renfro

Dean is a Inquest Group Certified DiSC trainer and facilitator of their proprietary DiSC assessment tool, called Distinctly You. This assessment tool provides a unique creation of a person's behavior traits.

Combined with a teaching and facilitating style that delivers a unique look at your personality highlighting both the natural you and the adapted you, the action you and the reaction you.

This assessment is best understood in combination with a workshop lead by Dean.

Dean has provided this training for many clients, including Chick-fil-A, Mary Kay, The John Maxwell Team, Chambers of Commerce, Jaycees, local business owners, churches and non-profits.
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