Small Business Networking

Small Business Networking

Small Business Networking

Small Business Networking

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Small business networking is definitely critical to your company success. As an example, let say you are a a computer consultant. Being a consultant places you in the expert services category. This industry is all about relationships and relationships are developed through networking.

If you are a new business or new to networking, you will need to make business networking your focus for the few of months. This is an activity that can’t be hurried. You’re not going to go to your very first network event and walk away with 6 clients who all require network upgrades next week. But take parting in a small company networking gathering increases the likelihood that you will leave five or six quality contacts.

Networking For Connections

Aside from the new client contacts you make, the charm of small business networking is that the accountant you struck up a conversation with just happens to have a next-door neighbor who’s brother is wanting to network his company’s local office.

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Or the dental professional you were speaking to has a similar service philosophy and would most likely be a terrific client to do business with. These connections are invaluable and need to be nurtured.

When you make the contact you then have to have a follow up system to foster the relationship. In might include one-on-one meetings, sharing of ideas, providing a solutions proposition and perhaps a sales call. The key is believing that this time is better spent than pursuing one-shot customers. Though small business networking you make in-roads with people who are, or who can put you in touch with, the prospective clients that will support your business long-term.

Do not expect to come away from every event with a handful of paying clients. However, do anticipate, to generate a lot of quality leads and referral sources. These referrals and leads are the crux of small business networking.

You need to have a stream of leads in your funnel and a  variety of contacts in your funnel on an ongoing basis. They will all be  at different stages and conversations will help you gauge where they are in the connection cycle. Some will be all set to move into paying client status, others may need more informatio, and other will need more time.  Small business networking keeps you in contact with these individuals throughout their purchasing process.

The Bottom Line on Small Business Networking

Client contact and client referrals are what will lead you to long-term, stable customers – The type of clients that will make your service a success. Getting out and attending small business networking events might seem ineffective at first, but interacting socially with your new contacts will produce an enormous return on your invested time. Start your small business network today – you never know where it will take you.

Taking advantage of professional networking groups can accelerate your networking opportunities. The old adage of “being in the right place at the right time” can certainly happen by being involved in a group, like Network in Action.  To learn more how you can take advantage of this type of networking, just click the button below.